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One of the largest costs faced by many businesses is taxes. Nearly 40% of the pre-tax profit of your business may go to one taxing authority or another. That being the case, doesn’t it make sense to engage the services of a premier accounting firm with proven expertise in constructing methods of helping businesses reduce their tax liability? The experienced tax professionals at Anstiss & Co. can help you to control your tax burden.

Often times, when the federal, state or local governments pass a new law or change existing ones, there are tax effects that need to be looked at. Legislation is constantly evolving and the tax implications need to be continually monitored, so a proactive, tax-saving strategy that is tailored to your particular business can be developed. The goal is to minimize current and future tax liabilities, which creates a direct and positive improvement on your cash flow.

Anstiss & Co. is proud of the fact that we maintain a very high employee retention rate. This gives the opportunity to create consistency with our clients from one year to the next. It also allows us to become increasingly more familiar with your company finances and culture, and provide the best value with our tax services. Developing this familiarity is fundamental to the personalized approach to customer service by the professionals at Anstiss & Co.

Many of the tax professionals at Anstiss & Co. posses advanced degrees in taxation. In addition, firm employees providing significant tax services work exclusively in the tax services section of the firm. The combination of year-to-year consistency, our commitment to excellence and personal service, our constant monitoring of the legislative process, our ability to create tax strategies particular to your personal and business needs, and the fact that every business return we prepare is reviewed by one of the company’s partners, is what makes Anstiss & Co. unique and a great choice for you and your business.


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Tax Services

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