Pension & Profit Sharing Plans

Pension and profit-sharing plans (money purchase, profit sharing, 401(k), 403(b), defined benefit, SIMPLE, etc. are set in place to foster a sense of partnership between employees and employers, allowing your employees to share with you the benefits of your successful business. These plans reward employees for their hard work, dedication and long-term commitment to your business.

By electing to offer a pension or profit sharing plan to your employees, you can establish your business as a more attractive employment option for prospective hires, and your company may be able to take advantage of annual tax deductions. However, finding the appropriate plan that best fits your long-term goals, short-term needs and your budget is a crucial decision that requires expert advice from a qualified accounting firm. Many of these plans are fairly complicated and getting the right advice, provided by proven experts, can save you money and many anxious moments.

At Anstiss & Co., our expert professionals can provide you with the guidance needed to help you find the proper balance of long-term and short-term costs and benefits. Our approach to pension and profit sharing plan selection begins with a careful review and analysis process. Our team of professionals will then explain the rules and regulations of each plan, the most opportune time to set up pension and profit sharing plans, and what works best for your entity and your employees.


 Important factors
• What are your personal retirement goals as a business owner?

• How many employees do you have?

• What are the ages of your employees?

• What is your company’s annual net income?

• What are the short and long-term goals of your company?

Our team of qualified professionals is highly experienced in understanding the rules and regulations and will help you safely navigate the complexity of pension and profit sharing requirements and options to find the plan that is the right fit for you.

Since 1964, our firm has been providing businesses a wide range of affordable and valuable business consulting services. Our professionals take an individualized approach to your business and make recommendations based on your company’s profile and needs. We do not take a one-size-fits-all approach.

Pension & Profit Sharing Plans

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