IRS Representation

It doesn’t happen very often, but when you are contacted for an IRS or other tax audit, the experienced professional staff at Anstiss & Co. will represent you. Since 1964, we have accumulated significant experience in working closely with IRS auditors and we have a solid understanding of what is necessary to minimize the impact that an audit may have on you or your business.

Anstiss & Co. has earned a favorable reputation in working with the IRS and state auditing agencies. We will also represent companies and individuals that have had their tax services managed by other accounting firms.

The best line of defense in any tax audit is having a qualified accounting firm to represent you and assist you in gathering the supporting documentation you need for the audit. Explaining why a particular deduction was taken, knowing the statute that applies, being able to account for the interpretations made and showing that these interpretations were based on sound tax principles and, in many cases, legal precedent, makes it much easier to get through the tax audit process with greater success.

IRS Representation

Raymond L. Anstiss, Jr., CPA, MBA
Richard B. Dionne, CPA, MST, CGMA
Mary E. Tiano, CPA

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Jeffrey A. Paquin, CPA

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